Who we are

Candice Hart Pollen and Pastry

Hey there. I'm Candice. Most days you can find me either in my garden or enjoying an episode of Fixer Upper on the couch with my cat Reese sleeping nearby.  

I am a creator of textural, garden inspired floral designs and decadent desserts that evoke emotion and bring back memories. I serve people who are lovers of celebrations. Years from now, I want you think back to your event and be able to still appreciate how beautiful your bouquet was, or remember the wonderful fragrance of your fresh flowers, or taste how delicious the cake was that your groom smashed in your face. The memories from those celebrations are the ones worth remembering.

As a designer, I've been fortunate to have earned the designation of Certified Floral Designer (CFD) and Illinois Certified Professional Florist (ICPF). I've been featured on numerous wedding blogs and have had the privilege of winning several design awards through my state professional associations.  An active member of the Illinois State Florists' Association, Chapel Designers and the Illinois Cake Exploration Society, education is absolutely my passion. On most Thursday and Friday nights you'll find me in the bakery baking for my weekend events, while listening to some online webinar that is supposed to help me better my business. 

Still here? Let's connect! Please fill out our contact form, because I would SO love to learn more about you and your event! 

What Weโ€™re About


Sustainability is important to us, that's why we choose eco-friendly products for our business and recycle whenever we can. All of the stems and leaves we don't use in our designs get composted weekly and we add that compost back on to the flower beds we use to grow our flowers. 

Sourcing Locally

We love our local growers and producers. Whenever possible, we source local flowers and materials from Illinois flower farmers and use jams and jellies from local orchards to flavor our icings. Grow or make a local product? Get in touch! We'd love to work together!


Giving Back

We believe in giving back to our community and to the environment whenever possible. We frequently donate to local charity auctions and donate products to our local food pantry.  Don't know what to do with your flowers after your event? Consider donating to a local nursing home or other facility where they can be enjoyed!

Growing Our Own

Growing is in our blood. Candice comes from a family of farmers and has a Horticulture degree, so any opportunity to grow something on our own is taken! Our garden is full of flower beds ready to be harvested for our next event. Want something a little different for your bouquet? Let us know and we can order it or grow it special for you!