An Intimate Campground Wedding in the Woods- Pollen & Pastry, Chillicothe, IL

When one of your own graces the altar, the bouquets and the backdrops somehow get even sweeter. Our precious intern, Rachel, allowed us to tap into our sweet and whimsical side with her vision of free-flowing greens and neutral color palette. Soft touches and unpredictable wildflowers were the perfect details to this Boy Scout Campground-turned wedding venue.

Our advice to every bride is to choose flowers and colors that reflect who they are - after all, your bouquet will take on it’s personality too. We like to think we raised up our girl right because everything about this wedding is so uniquely HER. Simple, understated beauty at it’s finest.

Friends and family gathered under the pines to witness Rachel and Ethan say “I do”. It was only fitting that the very dried bits of flowers that Rachel herself helped scavenge from the floor of our studio, made its way back into her wedding as confetti.


Messy but not totally undone wildflowers and a sweetly feminine color palette graced Rachel’s bouquet. We especially love how Wright Photographs captured these photos- the most natural of moments of a bride tucking a strand of hair while ribbon blows in the wind.

Oh- and we can’t forget the grooms! Exposed boutonniere ends are IN and we are HERE FOR IT.


Is this bridal party what dreams are made of OR WHAT?! Those mis-matched dresses came together so perfectly and our wildflower bridesmaid bouquets really pulled it all together. Still swooning over here, to be honest.


Rachel and Ethan wanted to emphasize the natural beauty all around them, so the tablescapes and decor were kept left minimal and spruced up with subtle touches of texture. Our current favorite trick is to utilize greens like this smilax vine to create a full, yet wild look that can be used in place of centerpieces or as final touches on signage.

When it comes to your wedding flowers, it’s amazing what a little attention to detail, utilizing the right textures, and having the right color palette can do to make an impact in your venue and a small dent in your budget.


Rachel and Ethan, congratulations on your marriage and may there be more blessings than you can count headed your way. It was the best day for the world’s greatest intern- you for being such a valuable part of our Pollen & Pastry team. We love you!


Florist: Pollen & Pastry

Styling/Planning: He & She Wedding Curators

Photography: Wright Photography

Hair: Tamara Holden

Makeup: Leiana Hilton

Catering: Nacho Mamas Grilled Cheese Food Truck

Donuts: Dennys Doughnuts & Bakery

DJ: Complete Weddings

Venue: Camp Wokanda Boy Scout Camp

Rentals: Peoria Rentals

Seating Chart: Crush Papers

Printing: The Copy Shop

Budgeting for Wedding Flowers and Desserts

It's a common question I get from couple's. How much should I expect to spend for my flowers and cake? And it's a totally valid question, especially for flowers! It's not common knowledge what the price differences or even the names of common flowers are, but that's why your florist is here to help!

Back in 2016 I did a similar blog post discussing The Knot Real Weddings Survey and I figure it’s about time for an update. Not a ton has changed since that 2016 post, but the average spend has actually gone down a bit!

Knot 2018 Wedding Survey

In the 2018 report, more than 14,000 couples who had planned a wedding and got married in 2018 completed the Knot's survey and they found that the average cost of a wedding is at $33,931, which is down a little from the 2016 number of $35,329 that I reported. Now of course, that's the national average. It may not cost you that much to have an amazing wedding here in Central Illinois. Hello, $52,332 average in Chicago, though! 

The average guest count was 136 and couples spent on average $258 per guest. That just might make you rethink inviting second cousin Bobby, huh?

So, what’s all that money going toward? Couples are investing in super-personalized events infused with meaningful details, and we love that! Your wedding should represent both your personalities!

Here’s the overall wedding spend (excluding honeymoon): $33,931

  • Reception Venue: $15,439

  • Photographer: $2,679

  • Wedding/Event Planner: $2,002

  • Reception Band: $4,247

  • Reception DJ: $1,292

  • Florist/Décor: $2,411

  • Videographer: $2,021

  • Wedding Dress: $1,631

  • Groom Attire: $283

  • Wedding Cake: $528

  • Ceremony Venue: $2,382

  • Ceremony Musicians: $797

  • Officiant: $286

  • Catering (price per person): $70

  • Transportation: $856

  • Favors: $245

  • Rehearsal Dinner: $1,297

  • Engagement Ring: $5,680

  • Invitations: $386

  • Hairstylist: $123

  • Makeup Artist: $102

Photo by Rachael Schirano Photography

Photo by Rachael Schirano Photography

So how much should you budget for flowers?

   10-15% of your overall budget is what I recommend.

When I look back at what my bride's typically end up spending on flowers, it usually is about 10-15% of their overall wedding budget that is necessary to achieve a look that fits the overall feel of their wedding. So if your overall wedding budget is $35,000 then budget at least $3,500 for your flowers. Overall budget of $15,000? Plan for at least $1,500 which would be enough to cover your personal flowers and possibly some small designs for your ceremony or reception.

Photo by Sweet Darlings Photography at Pear Tree Estate

Photo by Sweet Darlings Photography at Pear Tree Estate

What about desserts?

   Average of $4-5 per guest

Desserts are a little different to budget for since they are based more on your guest count. In the Knot's survey they found the average spend to be $528 on wedding cake and the average wedding guest count at 136. That averages out to about $4 per serving. 

Looking to keep the costs lower? Think about cupcakes or other desserts which have a lower price per serving. 

If you really want to find out if your set budget is realistic for your vision, meet with your vendors! We offer a free consultation where we go over the details of your day to be able to offer you a custom price quote. Keep in mind though that comparing vendors solely on price, isn’t the way to go. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Every vendors expertise is different, their style is different, their overhead costs are different, so every vendor needs to charge a price that is right for them. Meet with your vendors and choose who you feel comfortable and who you can trust to achieve your wedding vision. Go with your gut!

Rustic Farmhouse Wedding - Pollen & Pastry Springtime Illinois Wedding

Gabby is just one of those brides that makes you gasp out loud when you see how beautiful she looks! She and her husband were married in the springtime at the Epiphany Farms Estate that just gushed of rustic elegance.

Wooden farmhouse tables from Palace Events lined their reception for their guests and we laid different textured greens down the center to add a natural element for their centerpieces.

But our favorite shots by far are of Gabby’s bridal bouquet and all the layers of peach, coral, and blush that are tucked inside. Her cake featured dusty blue lace buttercream details and those same touches of peach, coral and blush.

Take a look at this sweet, rustic wedding celebration that we had a blast setting up for!

Special thanks to Kristen Kaiser for sharing her photos with us.

A Dark and Romantic Valentine's Day Wedding

Get ready for some DRAMA! We partnered up with a few local wedding vendors this past month to create some dramatic Valentine’s inspired wedding inspiration and these photos from Samantha Suzanne Photography do not disappoint!

This couch from Spruce Wedding Rentals was the perfect choice to fit our dark and moody vibe. Can you imagine taking your wedding portraits on a piece like this?!

We chose a variety of dark red and burgundy blooms and intentionally left out any foliages to give these pieces a more modern feel. Burgundy has been such a popular wedding color for 2018 and 2019, we wanted to use this popular color scheme but give it a different spin. Protea, kangaroo paw, anthurium, ranunculus, lisianthus, carnations, roses and scabiosa all add a unique feel to these designs.

Moody Grooms Boutonniere

For the desserts we chose black fondant to cover the cake to continue the elegant, dramatic vibe. Edible gold paint adds a nice contrast against the dark icing. And what better dessert to serve your guests than dark chocolate macarons and miniature bundt cake with fresh berries!

Many thanks to these wonderful creatives who partnered on this project and we want to wish everyone a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Photos: Samantha Suzanne Photography

Hair & Makeup: @Mualeiana and Cynthia Nicole Hair

Furniture: Spruce Wedding Rentals

Sweets & Florals: Pollen and Pastry

Dress:  Adore Bridal

Models: Amy Mulder Photography

Illinois Grown Flowers at the Governor's Mansion

One of my many passions is gardening and specifically growing cut flowers. When I’m choosing any plant to add to my landscape, one of the requirements is that it has to be useful as a cut flower or foliage, in addition to just being a great garden plant. Similar to growing your own food in the vegetable garden, there is just something so satisfying in being able to say that I grew that particular flower when I tuck it into a bride’s bouquet or centerpiece!

That being said, flower farmers have a tough job! I thoroughly respect those farmers who work day in and day out to produce flowers locally here in Illinois. My cut flower patch is nothing compared to growing acres and acres of cut flowers.

Flower farmers and florists are also really friendly people and we like to network and help each other out. This summer the opportunity came up to help deck out the newly renovated Governor’s Mansion in Springfield with locally grown flowers and I knew I wanted to help. I didn’t have any extra stems I could donate because all of mine were already dedicated to our farmer’s market bouquets, but I could sure design!

You might have heard of the Slow Food movement in recent years, but there is actually a growing Slow Flowers movement in the US as well. The Slow Flowers Movement puts a priority on sourcing American-grown flowers. As a Slow Food chef cooks with what is seasonally available, a Slow Flowers florist designs with what is seasonally available. And that is exactly what we did this summer at the Governor’s mansion.

Check out a few of the designs this awesome group of flower farmers and florist put together!

2018-07-12 11.27.20-1.jpg
2018-07-12 11.27.28-1.jpg
2018-07-12 15.10.05.jpg
2018-07-12 10.41.05-1.jpg
2018-07-12 11.26.17.jpg
2018-07-12 11.28.15.jpg
2018-07-12 11.20.37-2.jpg
2018-07-12 11.25.53.jpg

Many thanks to Becky from Wren’s Gate for being our fearless leader and the other great florists who donated their time to design and flowers farmers that donated locally grown product!

Read more from the local newspaper here.

Whimsical Spring Wedding at Lee County 4-H Center- Pollen and Pastry Illinois Wedding

What’s better than a beautifully decorated whimsical wedding? A beautifully decorated whimsical wedding, featuring a bride who is also bold enough to rock a black leather jacket! We were amazed by Alex’s impeccable taste in style ( I mean, check out that STUNNING Stella York gown) as well as her floral color palette.

Wild, organic stems of eucalyptus, blush lisianthus, and white ranunculus are what you see throughout Alex’s bouquet. Brides, don’t be afraid to mix femininity with masculine touches. That soft kiss of blush against the fierce backdrop of Alex’s leather jacket will have us fist-pumping all of our days.

Flatlays are some of our favorite shots, because they provide sweet little snapshots into the details of the day. These images by Rachel Osborn are styled so intricately and delicately - by adding in some of our own flower product as props, Jordan from Ever After Planning really made this stationary pop!

Who says corsages and boutonnieres all have to look the same? Alex invited us to get a little creative with the design and we think these white and blush ranunculus and ivory ribbons really set the tone for such an ethereal vision.

Have you ever seen an entire gang of bridesmaids in leather jackets? If this is the new trend, we’ll be the first to jump on board!

The tablescapes were kept simple, with lots of candles and just a runner of greenery and the occasional antique rose head here and there, but that head table speaks for itself on stage, showcasing a 20 foot long garland!

The bride and groom’s guests got to chow down on a feast of our salted caramel macarons, white chocolate raspberry cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and last of all our famous raspberry macarons. Did we mention macarons already?

Alex and Taylor, we count it a blessing to be able to say that we were among the 400 lucky people who can say they were a part of the most special day of your lives. Thank you for choosing Pollen & Pastry to be your florist and baker!

Rachel Osborn Photography and Ever After Planning, thank you for your stunning work as always!

Frosted Winter Wedding at the Double Tree- Pollen and Pastry Bloomington-Normal Wedding

Carly and Allen’s friends planned a Super Bowl party as a secret scheme to set them up. Boy, are we glad it worked out because look at the beautiful winter wedding this union led to!


To achieve Carly’s “just barely winter” theme, we filled her bouquet with blue delphinium, white ranunculus, whimsical lisianthus, and antique roses. We also added airy pieces of Italian ruscus, baby blue and silver dollar eucalyptus to give it that extra oomph of texture.

We simply cannot get over the gorgeous way Rachael Schirano captured the lighting in these portraits!

Getting to design a flower girl crown is one of the sweetest projects of being a wedding florist and the end result is always so, so precious.

We also adored Carly’s choice of color for her bridesmaids dresses- that soft blue gives such a subtle, frosted take on a winter wedding. And the best thing about a bridesmaid dress is that you can totally shorten it and wear it again, right?

If you’d say that dessert isn’t one of the most important aspects of a wedding, you’d definitely be wrong (and you might even be crazy). Carly and Allen opted for a tiered cake to cut themselves and treated their guests to an assortment of delicious cupcakes.

We love when our couples take our dessert menu and customize flavors to represent their favorite things to be shared with their closest friends and family!

Centerpieces can be as simple or as elaborate as you please. And sometimes, they’re a little bit of both.

We used repeating patterns of eucalyptus, hydrangeas, and blue delphinium to bring out the same light wintry look.

Carly and Allen, your wedding day was beautiful and we were so blessed to be a part of it! Congratulations, you two!

A special thanks to Rachael Schirano Photography for sharing these lovely images with us.

Venue- Doubletree by Hilton- Bloomington

Bright and Airy Wedding at Pear Tree Estate- Pollen and Pastry Champaign, IL Wedding

Pear Tree Estate has a way of making anything and everything in it’s light appear equally as beautiful. There’s just something to be said about a venue that looks good enough for a bride to walk down the aisle in her Sunday morning sweats and still be wedding-ready.

We love this photo of Leslie getting ready to marry Andrew. Can’t you just feel the building anticipation and excitement stirring?

We made simple hand-tied bouquets to adorn each row of chivari chairs, held there with long hanging bows of champagne ribbon. Intricate sprigs of olive branches, eucalyptus, and blush roses added just the right touch of delicacy.

We designed taller aisle pieces to go on top of two of our gold vase rentals, which served to frame either side of the altar. Longer stems of plumosa and eucalyptus added an ethereal, draping effect, while white mums and blush garden roses pulled together the soft pinks and golden hues of the room.

Nothing but smiles for Leslie and Andrew on their wedding day. Just look at how these two look at each other!

We believe the term “go big or go home” most definitely applies to your wedding desserts. Pear Tree set up the perfect hanging table to arrange a beautiful array of our cupcakes and delicious brownies from LA Gourmet Catering, for Leslie and Andrew’s guests. Not to mention a tiered naked cake with buttercream frosting and a garden rose garnish.

If you haven’t caught on to the wooden farmhouse table trend yet, the following images will win you over.

Leslie and Andrew opted to alternate their guest tables with an array of varied centerpieces. Boxed rectangle planters, gold compotes, and tall risers playing host to olive branches filled the room with the greatest combination of texture and shape.

A beautiful wedding day and a stunning bride and groom to match. Congratulations, Leslie and Andrew!

Thank you Sweet Darlings Photography for sharing these lovely images and as always, to Pear Tree Estate, for being such a gracious host.

Marsala Fall Wedding at The Marriot- Pollen and Pastry Bloomington-Normal Wedding

We are suckers for any wedding that features deep, rich hues of burgundy and marsala and our bride, Hilary, absolutely hit the color combo jackpot! With pops of gold and blush mixed in, this event was one for the books.

Hilary wanted her flowers to be “fun, personal, and unique” and we think that bouquet says it all!

And as if we weren’t already swooning, these delicate detail shots of the groom’s boutonniere and the flower girl’s crown definitely did us in. I mean… look at how precious those escort card scrolls are!

If you’re going to do an altar piece, it better make a statement! We had so much fun playing with branches and handfuls of different textures to make those blush garden roses and marsala carnations pop even more. These arrangements were set on top of our gold vase rentals to make this ceremony backdrop instantly picture-perfect!

Don’t forget dessert! What is a wedding without a delicious, gold-dusted cake to match each table’s compote centerpieces?

Hilary’s bridesmaids were decked out in the most beautiful marsala dresses, each holding their own simplified version of the bride’s bouquet.

What a joy it was to create some floral specialties for Hilary and Grant’s wedding day. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Wahlheim!

Phenomenal photos, by the one and only Tiffaney Childs Photography!

Forest Elopement- Pollen and Pastry Destination Wedding

WARNING: This private, forrest elopement will have you instantly rethinking your 200+ guest wedding.

By forgoing the traditional “I do’s”, Inga and Gary chose to focus on the things that mattered most to them and forget about all the rest. Their wedding was small, with only the bride, the groom, and the photographer in attendance. But by looking at the love captured here, it turns out you really don’t need much else.

Well, except maybe one incredibly beautiful bouquet ;)


And this is where we cried for the second time…

Inga and Gary, we are ever so thankful that you chose us to be the florist for your elopement. May marriage be the greatest blessing to you!

Photos captured and shared by the talented and incredible, Pam Cooley Photography!

Intimate and Elegant Wedding - Pollen and Pastry Washington D.C. Wedding

Richard and Jenny’s wedding was the epitome of class and simplicity, done the right way. Keep scrolling and you’ll see exactly what we mean.


Richard proposed to Jenny in the exact spot where they first met- right outside the Petworth metro station in Washington DC. So it was only fitting that their wedding would likewise be full of sentimental details.


The pair described their wedding vision as being “unique, classy, and elegant” and if these two are anything other than classy, we don’t know what is!

As requested, Jenny and her bridesmaid’s bouquets were full of forest green textures and just the right amount of color: a simple splash of deep cabernet, accompanied by some burgundy and the lighter hues of seeded eucalyptus. We love how well the greens paired with those lovely burgundy dresses!

Richard and Jenny’s reception was equally lovely and simple in every way. We arranged a statement garland to be displayed over the mantle, serving doubly as the ceremony altar and reception backdrop.


Check out these hand-lettered table numbers by the bride’s sister, surrounded by our very own hand-tied garland and bud vase centerpieces. This type of table arrangement is so ideal for the bride or groom who wants something elegant, yet simple.


This greenery-filled staircase is one of our favorite pieces we have ever had the pleasure of styling. The old, natural beauty of this venue simply took our breath away!

Richard and Jenny, thank you for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day. Best wishes to you both!

Huge thanks to Shawnee Custalow for such striking photography!

Venue: Josephine Butler Parks Center- Washington, DC

Motorcycle Chic Wedding- Pollen and Pastry Chicago Weddings

Molly described the vision for her wedding using the words romance, party and motorcycles. When you scroll down you'll see that she absolutely achieved that vision! Her venue, Warehouse 109 is one of my favorites and Molly and her family were the absolute sweetest to work with.

Cascade bridal bouquet
Warehouse 109 Wedding

Molly’s dark red/merlot and navy blue color scheme went perfectly with the venue and her pink hair! Cascading bouquets are some of my favorite to make and Molly’s bouquet featured red hanging amaranthus, Quicksand roses, burgundy scabiosa, lisianthus, and several foliages to give that draping effect. Lace from the mother of the bride’s dress was used to wrap the bouquet handle for the perfect finishing detail.

Lace bouquet wrap
Warehouse 109 Chicago Wedding Pollen and Pastry
Burgundy wedding flowers
Marsala and Blush wedding centerpiece

We created compote centerpieces for the head table and surrounded the couple’s Sailor Jerry rum bottles with greenery on each table. 

Fairy light greenery centerpiece
Naked gold cake

And the dessert table was filled with a variety of cupcake flavors, from red velvet, raspberry lemonade, nutella, chocolate chip cookie, to rice crispy.

Wedding Dessert Table

Congratulations Molly and Tyler! We absolutely loved playing a part in your wedding!

Venue: Warehouse 109 in Plainfield, IL

Photographer: Stephanie Schmidt of Laree Photo

Gold and Blush Spring Wedding at the Ihotel: Pollen and Pastry Champaign Weddings

Brittany and Matt's April wedding at the Ihotel was a stunner! Brittany described her wedding vision as light, airy and clean, and her color scheme of white, blush and gold fulfilled that vision perfectly. Pair that with gorgeous photos from Rachael Schirano Photography, and this is definitely one of my favorite spring weddings! 

Grooms boutonniere
Blush bridesmaid bouquets
White bridal bouquet

Brittany's classic white bouquet was chock full of peonies, roses, ranunulus, stock, tweedia, veronica and plenty of greens. Spring bouquets are some of my absolute favorite! 

White spring wedding bouquet
White bridal bouquet
White spring wedding
Gold and white bridesmaid bouquets
Gold and blush bouquets

We brought in those touches of blush to the bridesmaid's bouquets with accents of blush lisianthus, stock and carnations. 

Gold compote centerpieces
Blush and white compote centerpieces

The reception was brimming with more greenery and touches of blush. Each table was accented with a garden style compote arrangement and the head table was finished with a lush garland and plenty of candlelight.

Head table floral garland
Seating chart greenery display
Head table candleabra

One of my favorite pieces of the day was the seating chart. Brittany had the great idea to display her seating chart on an arch and we added a garland to complete the look. 

Gold dessert table
Textured buttercream greenery wedding cake
wedding dessert table bundt cakes
red velvet bundt cake wedding desserts
Wedding macarons
Wedding brownies dessert table

And of course we had to rock out the dessert table with a variety of different desserts. Macarons, brownies, bundt cakes, mini cheesecakes and cupcakes!

Photography: Rachael Schirano Photography

Venue: Ihotel

Florals and Desserts: Pollen and Pastry

Marsala and Blush Fall Wedding at Pear Tree Estate: Pollen and Pastry Champaign Weddings

Jonathan and Victoria were an absolute pleasure to plan a wedding with! Victoria planned the entire wedding while juggling Vet Med School and a busy life and she did it all with grace! So glad we could work with this sweet couple. 

Greenery Welcome Sign
Ceremony Flower Arbor

This simple arbor from Spruce Wedding Rentals was the perfect base to attach our lush florals to. 

Fall Wedding Ceremony Pollen and Pastry
Ceremony Fall Flower Arch
Grooms Boutonniere- Pollen and Pastry
Fall Cascade Bouquet- Pollen and Pastry

Victoria's cascade bouquet was full of gorgeous fall tones. Pepperberry and hanging amaranthus gave the perfect cascading effect. 

Fall Sweet Heart Table- Pollen and Pastry
Fall Wedding Place Setting- Pollen and Pastry
Wedding Sweet Heart Table-Pollen and Pastry
Fall Wedding Greenery Garland- Pollen and Pastry
Fall Garland Centerpiece- Pollen and Pastry

The reception, held at Pear Tree Estate (one of our favorite venues!), was decorated with lush garlands and candlelight down each table. So much drama! 

Fall Greenery Garland Centerpiece- Pollen and Pastry
Hanging dessert table fall wedding

Extra greenery and flowers take this hanging dessert table up another notch. As if it wasn't awesome enough already! 

Many thanks to Meredith Washburn Photography for sharing these gorgeous photos! 


Lavender Summer Wedding at Oak Hill- Pollen and Pastry Chicago Weddings

I'm sitting here writing this post on the most dreary of winter days and I can only just imagine the warm summer days that were captured in these photos! Laura and Donovan's summer wedding at Oak Hill was simply gorgeous. We did the personal flowers for the couple and I just loved Laura's color scheme of dusty shades of purple and blush.

Purple and White Summer Wedding
Spray Rose Flower Crown
White Ranunculus Boutonniere
Flower Girl Crown

One of my favorite details from this wedding were the Stephanotis flowers tucked into the Mother of the Bride's wrist corsage and into the bridal bouquet. Laura's mom had Stephanotis in her bouquet 35 years earlier and she surprised her by adding that in. How sweet is that!

 Rachael Osborn Photography captured these little details so beautifully!

Pearl Bracelet Wrist Corsages

Some of Laura's favorite flowers and foliages were garden roses, eucalyptus, and lavender so we made sure to feature those in her garden style bouquet. Other flowers in the bouquet included ranunculus, stock, several varieties of roses and spray roses, a few of those special Stephanotis flowers and plenty of greenery varieties. The smell was intoxicating!

Lavender and Blush Bridal Bouquet
Lavender Bridal Bouquet
Lavender Bridesmaids Bouquet
Dusty Purple and Blush Bridesmaids
Flower Girl Crown Summer Wedding
Lavender Bridal Party
Lavender Rose Bridal Bouquet
Lavender Purple Summer Wedding

Thanks again Laura and Donovan for choosing us to help make your day special! 

Photography: Rachael Osborn Photography

Venue: Oak Hill Weddings

Personal Flowers: Pollen and Pastry

Jewel Tones for Fall: Pollen and Pastry Chicago Weddings

I was in love with Jenna's jewel tone color scheme from the second she filled out her questionnaire! Those shades of blues, purples and reds were really the perfect color scheme for an October wedding. And let's be honest, I was dying to use my collection of vintage jewel toned pieces to complement this wedding. Flea market hunting is one of my favorite past times!

Jewel Toned Wedding Party

The colors popped so well against the gorgeous marsala dresses the bridesmaids wore!

Jewel Toned Bridesmaids
Jewel Toned Wedding Boutonniere

Jenna's bouquet was full of purple hydrangeas, stock and lisianthus, blue eryngium, and burgundy ranunculus, carnations and cymbidiums. Several types of greenery added some fun texture to the bouquets!

Jewel Toned Bridal Bouquet
Jewed Toned Wedding Boutonnieres
Jewel Tone Wedding Centerpiece Compote

The centerpieces were a combination of tall vases with branches, our small jewel toned glassware filled with flowers and emerald compote vases filled with similar flowers. 

Jewel Tone Orchid Wedding Cake
Jewel Tone Wedding Cake
Jewel Tone Bud Vases

The couple's cake was one of my favorites of 2017. We started with a simple buttercream covered cake and added florals and greenery to bring it to life. 

Jewel Toned Wedding Cake

Couldn't have asked for a sweeter couple to work with! 

Photography: Kara Kamienski Photography

Venue: Tuscany Falls Banquets

Flowers and Cake: Pollen and Pastry

Colorful, Outdoor Fall Wedding: Galesburg, IL- Pollen and Pastry

Alexandra's September wedding was certainly one of our favorites in 2017! From the moment I saw her vision board, I was in love with Alex's vision for the wedding. Her chosen shades of purple, berry, burgundy with hints of blush brought this non-traditional fall color scheme to life. 

The wedding took place at the bride's beautiful childhood home in Galesburg and it turned out to be a gorgeous fall day, albeit just a bit warm to start the day. The girls at So Chic Events made sure every last detail was taken care of!

Corsage Cuffs- Pollen and Pastry

Alex chose our modern gold cuff bracelets for the mothers and grandmothers to wear. Rotarski Photography captured them beautifully!

Colorful Bridal Bouquet- Pollen and Pastry
Bridal Bouquet Portrait- Pollen and Pastry
Bouquet with Hanging Ribbons- Pollen and Pastry

The bouquet was a large, garden style bouquet filled with several varieties of garden roses, deep berry ranunculus, scabiosa, purple clematis and several colors of gorgeous lisianthus. Sprawling jasmine vine, several other types of greenery, and the bride's chosen silk ribbon gave the bouquet lovely movement in the fall breeze.

Colorful Fall Bridal Bouquet- Pollen and Pastry
Mismatched Bridesmaids Bouquets- Pollen and Pastry

I just loved the mismatched bridesmaid's dresses!

Rustic Wedding Arbor- Pollen and Pastry
Rustic Flower Arbor- Pollen and Pastry
Rustic Outdoor Wedding Arbor- Pollen and Pastry

The rustic wooden arbor for the ceremony was built by the family and we adorned it with lush smilax greenery and roses. 

Outdoor Wedding Reception- Pollen and Pastry
Outdoor Wedding Compote Centerpieces- Pollen and Pastry
Vintage Wedding Candlesticks- Pollen and Pastry

The gorgeous farmhouse tables filled the tent and were topped with sprawling compote style centerpieces. My absolute favorite to make! Our vintage candlesticks with gray candles added a great ambiance to the evening. 

Rustic Outdoor Wedding Centerpieces- Pollen and Pastry

Thank you again Alex and all the amazing vendors who were involved in this special day!

Photography: Rotarski Photography

Planning/Coordination: So Chic Events

Florals: Pollen and Pastry


Blue and White Spring Wedding Florals: Campus, IL

The three words Erin used to describe the vision for her wedding were rustic, romantic, and bright. I think the flowers we chose for her May wedding certainly achieved that! Paired with Dani Lang's gorgeous photography, this simple spring wedding was a treat last year! Dusty blues were a popular choice in 2017 and I think that will continue for 2018.

Moody Spring Wedding Flowers

Erin's bouquet was made up of bright white roses, stock, and ranunculus with light blue delphinium for that pop of color. Silver dollar eucalyptus and Italian ruscus help soften the look. 

Spring Wedding Bouquet
Whtie and Blue Spring Wedding Bouquet
Blue and White Bridal Bouquet
Blue and White Bridesmaids
Spring Bride and Groom Flowers

Photography: Dani Lang Photography

Venue: Sacred Heart Church- Campus, IL

Florals: Pollen and Pastry

Announcing Our Holiday Dessert Menu!

2017 has been a busy year for Pollen and Pastry with more desserts baked than ever. And we finished our brand new commercial kitchen earlier this year! That was no easy task! 

Pollen and Pastry Kitchen
Pollen and Pastry Commercial Kitchen

Since I started this business 7 years ago, it's just been myself doing all the baking for our orders, so I was definitely excited to bring on a part-time baker to help this year. Our Head Baker, Brooke, has been amazing and I can't wait to share our holiday dessert menu with you!

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Cookies are a holiday must have! Our holiday cookie tray contains a variety of delicious homemade cookies to make everyone happy. Wrapped in a bow, it makes the perfect gift to bring to any holiday party!

Cookies are a holiday must have! Our holiday cookie tray contains a variety of delicious homemade cookies to make everyone happy. Wrapped in a bow, it makes the perfect gift to bring to any holiday party!

Six flavors of holiday cupcakes will make any holiday party a hit! Our six or twelve pack of cupcakes is beautifully wrapped with a bow for gift giving or saving for yourself ;)    Red Velvet Rudolph:  Classic   red velvet cake topped with cream cheese icing and Rudolph’s fondant red nose   Gingerbread Man:  Spiced gingerbread cake topped with cinnamon buttercream icing and a fondant gingerbread man   Caramel Eggnog:  Chocolate eggnog cake topped with caramel eggnog buttercream and toffee bits   Chocolate Peppermint Mocha:  Dark chocolate mocha flavored cake topped with peppermint buttercream, fudge drizzle and peppermint bits   Chocolate Hazelnut:  Chocolate cake filled with a Ferrero Rocher candy and topped with a hazelnut chocolate buttercream   Holiday Funfetti:  Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream topped with holiday sprinkles

Six flavors of holiday cupcakes will make any holiday party a hit! Our six or twelve pack of cupcakes is beautifully wrapped with a bow for gift giving or saving for yourself ;) 

Red Velvet Rudolph: Classic red velvet cake topped with cream cheese icing and Rudolph’s fondant red nose

Gingerbread Man: Spiced gingerbread cake topped with cinnamon buttercream icing and a fondant gingerbread man

Caramel Eggnog: Chocolate eggnog cake topped with caramel eggnog buttercream and toffee bits

Chocolate Peppermint Mocha: Dark chocolate mocha flavored cake topped with peppermint buttercream, fudge drizzle and peppermint bits

Chocolate Hazelnut: Chocolate cake filled with a Ferrero Rocher candy and topped with a hazelnut chocolate buttercream

Holiday Funfetti: Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream topped with holiday sprinkles

Naturally gluten free, these petite and delicate cookies are perfect the holidays! Our macaron boxes are beautifully wrapped and ready for gifting! The dozen box contains two each of our six holiday flavors. Four packs can be customized with your four chosen flavors.    Candy Cane    Lemon Raspberry    Pistachio    Caramel Eggnog    Dark Chocolate    Chocolate Hazelnut

Naturally gluten free, these petite and delicate cookies are perfect the holidays! Our macaron boxes are beautifully wrapped and ready for gifting! The dozen box contains two each of our six holiday flavors. Four packs can be customized with your four chosen flavors. 

Candy Cane

Lemon Raspberry


Caramel Eggnog

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Hazelnut

Homemade caramels can't be beat! These hand-wrapped caramels simply melt in your mouth. Each 1/2 pound box contains approximately 24 candies and is wrapped with a bow. The perfect fit for a stocking stuffer! 

Homemade caramels can't be beat! These hand-wrapped caramels simply melt in your mouth. Each 1/2 pound box contains approximately 24 candies and is wrapped with a bow. The perfect fit for a stocking stuffer! 

Creamy and rich, our holiday chocolate fudge is simply delicious! Each 1/2 pound wrapped box contains approximately 12 pieces of fudge. Perfect for any chocolate lover!  

Creamy and rich, our holiday chocolate fudge is simply delicious! Each 1/2 pound wrapped box contains approximately 12 pieces of fudge. Perfect for any chocolate lover!