Three Sisters, One Broach

I still remember to this day meeting the lovely Becker ladies at Atlanta Bread Company in Champaign to talk about Jessa's wedding flowers. It was either late 2010 or early 2011 and I was in grad school dreaming about the idea of a wedding business. You see what happened is that Jessa and I shared a mutual friend who asked if I was doing weddings. To which I quickly responded, heck yeah I am! Soon after, Jessa became one of the first weddings I booked. Flash forward almost 6 years later and I've had the pleasure of doing all three of the super sweet Becker sister's weddings! 

One of the things I loved the most about Jessa's bouquet way back in 2011 was the broach that she added on the handle. It was also chock full of amazing fragrant garden roses which didn't hurt!

Forward to Mary's colorful bouquet from this August and I notice the same broach. Ok there's a pattern forming here...

Once I see Cassie's bouquet in October with the same broach, I have to ask! What's the story behind the broach? 

Turns out, the pin belonged to the lady's great grandmother! Cassie said it best herself, "One of the most beautiful "something old and borrowed," and even more special that all of us Becker girls have carried it in our weddings." I couldn't agree more! 

Jessa's gorgeous fall wedding shot by Shannon Anderson Photography.

Mary's colorful summer wedding shot by Stephanie Bartman Photography.

And finally, Cassie's fall wedding shot by Rachel Schirano Photography.

Thank you again ladies for letting me be a part of it all!