What Flowers to Get Your Flower Girl

Stumped on what flowers to order for your flower girls? We've got you covered! For many years, a basket full of rose petals, either fresh or fake, has been the standard for flower girls. Nowadays, more and more venues don't allow petals any longer because of the mess and cleanup involved. A sign of the times to switch things up? I think so!

Two of the other great options for your flower girls are flowers crowns (totally cute!) or pomander balls (equally as cute!).  Flower crowns are meant to be worn on the girl's head of course and pomander balls are adorned with ribbons making them easy to carry down the aisle. I'm dreaming of making small, individual wreaths for girls to carry down the aisle too. Someone please indulge me! 

Our bride Rachel, chose classic white spray roses and greenery for her daughters to wear on their heads and carry down the aisle.

Photo by  Susan Stripling
Photo by  Susan Stripling

This is a great way to add in your wedding colors too! 

Many of our pomander balls are created in a foam sphere which gives them a water source, helping them to stay fresh longer. This water can also make the ball a little on the heavy side though, so for Kelly's wedding, we chose willow spheres to attach florals too, making for a lighter pomander that coordinated well with this wedding scheme! 

Whichever you decide to order from your wedding florist, consider thinking outside the box with that your girls will wear down the aisle! 

Why Does My Bridal Bouquet Cost So Much?!

It's a common look I see on a bride's face when we go over their wedding proposals. That look of eye widening, nose flaring shock when they see the cost of their dream Pinterest worthy bouquet on paper. It can definitely be a shock to some, especially when one is unfamiliar with what flowers cost! Not to mention the sometimes unattainable expectations that a Pinterest worthy bouquet can bring. But I promise, there is a reason for that price.  

Why in particular does your bouquet cost more than any other flower arrangement you've ever bought? Once Wed shared a post this week from a florist that I thought explained it rather nicely, so I'm sharing that below! Don't forget that your bouquet will be in a TON of photos, so if you're going to put your floral budget anywhere, do it here!

From Once Wed: Ever wondered why a bridal bouquet costs so much more than any other flowers you’ve ever bought? It’s not because you’re being taken advantage of, we promise! Firstly, a bridal bouquet will typically have at least 2-3 times more flowers in it than you might find in a bunch you order a friend for her birthday. Your florist will have spent several hours meeting with you, answering your emails and specifically sourcing and ordering the correct specialty blooms to fulfill your vision (as opposed to using whatever is available that week). It then takes up to two hours to make the bouquet (compared to the 15 minutes it might take a florist to make a daily bouquet order). And then there's the experience of your floral designer who has spent years honing their craft and perfecting their methods. The same goes for your caterer, stationery designer, photographer, dress designer, cake maker, stylist, planner and any number of other professionals you will hire to support you on your wedding day.

When you next receive a quote from a vendor, you're going to want to jump straight to the bottom line to look at the total price (because budget!). But we encourage you to stop for just a minute and think about the value and experience they are bringing to your wedding day. Their creative talent is their livelihood and they're fiercely passionate about helping you create the wedding you dream of!

Check out the full post here.



How Much Should I Budget for Florals and Desserts?

It's a common question I get from bride's. How much should I expect to budget for my flowers and cake? And it's a totally valid question, especially for flowers! It's not common knowledge what the price differences or even the names of common flowers are, but that's why your florist is here to help!

Photo by Pam Cooley Photography

Photo by Pam Cooley Photography

The 2016 Knot Real Weddings Survey was recently released and the results may offer some insight. More than 13,000 couples who had planned a wedding and got married in 2016 completed the Knot's survey and they found that the average cost of a wedding is at an all-time high at $35,329. Woah, baby! Now of course, that's the national average. It may not cost you that much to have an amazing wedding here in Central Illinois. Hello, $60, 035 average in Chicago, though! 


So how much should you budget for flowers?

   10% of your overall budget is what I recommend.

When I look back at what my bride's typically end up spending on flowers, it usually is about 10% of their overall wedding budget that is necessary to achieve a look that fits the overall feel of their wedding. So if your overall wedding budget is $35,000 then budget at least $3,500 for your flowers. Overall budget of $15,000? Plan for $1,500 which would be enough to cover your personal flowers and possibly some small designs for your ceremony or reception.

What about desserts?

   Average of $4 per guest

Desserts are a little different to budget for since they are based more on your guest count. In the Knot's survey they found the average spend to be $582 on wedding cake and the average wedding guest count at 141. That averages out to about $4 per serving. Exactly what our pricing for tiered cakes starts at. Looking to keep the costs lower? Think about cupcakes or other desserts which have a lower price per serving. 

Photo by Pam Cooley Photography

Photo by Pam Cooley Photography

Check out more of what 2016 brides spent: 

See the full cost breakdown from The Knot.

If you really want to find out if your set budget is realistic for your vision, meet with your vendor! We offer a free consultation where we go over the details of your day to be able to offer you a custom price quote.