An Intimate Campground Wedding in the Woods- Pollen & Pastry, Chillicothe, IL

When one of your own graces the altar, the bouquets and the backdrops somehow get even sweeter. Our precious intern, Rachel, allowed us to tap into our sweet and whimsical side with her vision of free-flowing greens and neutral color palette. Soft touches and unpredictable wildflowers were the perfect details to this Boy Scout Campground-turned wedding venue.

Our advice to every bride is to choose flowers and colors that reflect who they are - after all, your bouquet will take on it’s personality too. We like to think we raised up our girl right because everything about this wedding is so uniquely HER. Simple, understated beauty at it’s finest.

Friends and family gathered under the pines to witness Rachel and Ethan say “I do”. It was only fitting that the very dried bits of flowers that Rachel herself helped scavenge from the floor of our studio, made its way back into her wedding as confetti.


Messy but not totally undone wildflowers and a sweetly feminine color palette graced Rachel’s bouquet. We especially love how Wright Photographs captured these photos- the most natural of moments of a bride tucking a strand of hair while ribbon blows in the wind.

Oh- and we can’t forget the grooms! Exposed boutonniere ends are IN and we are HERE FOR IT.


Is this bridal party what dreams are made of OR WHAT?! Those mis-matched dresses came together so perfectly and our wildflower bridesmaid bouquets really pulled it all together. Still swooning over here, to be honest.


Rachel and Ethan wanted to emphasize the natural beauty all around them, so the tablescapes and decor were kept left minimal and spruced up with subtle touches of texture. Our current favorite trick is to utilize greens like this smilax vine to create a full, yet wild look that can be used in place of centerpieces or as final touches on signage.

When it comes to your wedding flowers, it’s amazing what a little attention to detail, utilizing the right textures, and having the right color palette can do to make an impact in your venue and a small dent in your budget.


Rachel and Ethan, congratulations on your marriage and may there be more blessings than you can count headed your way. It was the best day for the world’s greatest intern- you for being such a valuable part of our Pollen & Pastry team. We love you!


Florist: Pollen & Pastry

Styling/Planning: He & She Wedding Curators

Photography: Wright Photography

Hair: Tamara Holden

Makeup: Leiana Hilton

Catering: Nacho Mamas Grilled Cheese Food Truck

Donuts: Dennys Doughnuts & Bakery

DJ: Complete Weddings

Venue: Camp Wokanda Boy Scout Camp

Rentals: Peoria Rentals

Seating Chart: Crush Papers

Printing: The Copy Shop